Nesslab leads Korea’s RFID technology

In anticipation of the foundation for achieving the ubiquitous society in recent years and the revolution of distribution, we have been working on R & D from the very beginning on RFID, which has received much attention. The technology of 900MHz band passive RFID reader, which generates many application fields, researched RF and protocol from the first introduction in Korea, and as a result, created the smallest and highest performance RFID reader in Korea. Nesslab’s RFID technology is being continuously researched and developed to be the first step in opening an IT society in the future.


All types of networks Technologies


Technology for implementing various advanced services


Technology applied across digital device boundaries

RFID Technology

  • Passive RFID Reader Digital and 433 MHz / 900MHz RF Technology
  • Active RFID Reader / Tag Technology
  • RFID Reader / Protocol S/W Technology
  • Protocol S/W Technology(EPC C0/C1, ISO 18000-6B, ISO 18000-6C(EPC Gen2))
  • RFID Application Services Implementation Technology


  • 900MHz Passive RFID Reader research and development
  • RFID Protocol research

RFID Product

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